Christmas, Christmas…everywhere!

Have you ever had one of those years where you try really, really hard to be in a festive mood and you just aren’t there, yet? Have you ever had what seems like 45 Christmas parties to attend before you even are ready to “get in the mood” to be Christmassy? That’s where I’m at this year. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, both the Christian aspect of it and the commercial side. I love giving and receiving, I love the smell of hot cocoa and peppermint, musty old Christmas decorations, and of course the food…holiday baking is one of my favorite things to do all year long! All that aside, some years it’s just a little harder to find yourself humming those old Christmas carols, isn’t it? I’m consistantly amazed by how one year I can be planning Christmas in August and bopping along to Jingle Bells in July, and another year it can be halfway through December and I’m already dreading the remainder of the holiday parties I need to attend.  I’m sure this mood is simply coming from the fact that our weekends are just not our own at this time of year, and the economic crisis has hit here just as it has many other households…but then again, I KNOW that as a Christian household, we don’t believe that you need money to be happy-in fact quite the opposite, money usually gets in the way of finding true joy and contentment in life, so it’s not really that…hmmm. Well, I’ll keep thinking, but in the meantime…I guess I’ll go pick out my outfit for yet another holiday party, and prepare my cheery holiday smile…as I’ll be getting up at 6 am in order to drive halfway across the state for the next Christmas party. One can only hope for a yummy meal and connecting with old friends to put that pop in our step this year, because for some reason popping in the latest Christmas Hits CD just ain’t doin’ it around here, lol.

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  1. I’m feeling the same way, my friend. I haven’t been able to exhale since Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s just the way the holidays fall on the calendar this year, but it seemed like I didn’t have any time to even breathe between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Advent season.
    Good to see you back here, I’ll be lifting you all up in prayer.

  2. I’m with you Jess. We haven’t put up our Christmas tree, or any of our decorations. Matter of fact, we haven’t even had our Thanksgiving dinner! We went to family’s house, but didn’t really indulge in the proper Thanksgiving way—we save that for our own home. Still waiting to do that. For some reason I just CAN’T get into Christmas until Thanksgiving is over!

  3. Wishing for your Joy to be HUGE!!!!!!!! And God’s peace and presence to fill you with the awesomeness of this season…….. Sometimes it just creeps up on ya ! Hugs Sweetie, GG

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