I’m sooooooo behind on blogging!

I apologize that I’ve gotten so far behind on my blogging. I have 2 weeks worth of pictures to upload and make into posts on my blog, so if my brain seems a little scattered over the next few posts, that’s why!

I did want to pop in and show y’all what has been keeping me from blogging lately…pure exhaustion! What started out as “Honey, let’s grow a garden this year!” has turned into, “Honey, let’s make a small farm out of our yard!” lol. We currently have 3 garden plots, a few containers here and there, and hubby is tilling up 2 more large patches of land to finish our planting in today.  Despite my exhaustion, I grabbed a couple pics of the garden yesterday, so here they are!

Strawberry plants that haven’t been moved to their permanent home just yet, but are growing beautifully!

My strawberry plants that have been transplanted already to their forever home:

And a close-up of one of the transplanted strawberry plants:

The largest plot we’ve made so far-but the two hubby is doing today will be much bigger than this one, we only have limited space up front. Notice my oh-so-cute garden frog which is holding some bachelor buttons that should be coming up in a few days! This garden has from right to left, 2 rows of sweet corn, 1 row of potatoes, and 1 row of green beans.

And my soooooo not straight row of lettuce…can you tell I was getting tired by this point? LOL

Finally, our pond. We’re trying to get it clean again so we can add some fish or a frog or two, but it still needs some work. Later, once it’s clean, I’ll show you a pic of the pond with the little water-spitting frog that sits above it and spits water down into it, but right now Mr. Froggy is out in the garage waiting for clean water to spit!



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  1. Love your adorable froggy!! Where ever did you find him? My yard is too small for corn, I’m gardening in two 7×7 foot raised beds this year. I’m working on pictures too, but I won’t post them until the garden tour in June.
    I have about 8 strawberry plants that need a good home, but my rasberries are about 6 foot tall already, we should be licking the jam spoons by the 4th of July!
    You have been busy!

  2. Yes, yes, I have been busy, lol. I found my froggy at our local hardware store which is actually an Ace Hardware, so you might check there if you have an Ace.
    I’m jealous of your raspberry bushes, mine are barely living, lol. But then again, the raspberry bushes were what started this whole thing-I just bought them at Aldis on a whim, then my gardening plans just got bigger and bigger, hehe.
    We had to stop the planting for now, it’s going to rain for the next week or so, so I started some carrots in my planters, b/c I don’t wanna wait on them to get in the ground…hopefully they will transplant okay. Oh, and I got my zucchini planted today in a planter, too. Just so maybe he’ll grow a little before he goes into the ground!

  3. Hi, I love the pictures for the Not your Mama’s pudding. I wanted to know if you have some pics for Banana Bread. I’m such a visual learner and that the only way I feel I can make a decent bread. Thanks in advance, Maritza

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