Carnival Family Photos

This last weekend there was a local carnival in town and we decided to stop in for a bit and enjoy the crazy atmosphere. I love when my hubby spontaneously decides to do something fun like this!
In the midst of the chaos, I managed to grab a couple of good photos, so here ya go:
Aren’t they cute?

K offering me some of her marshmallow treat:

I managed to get this shot while we were spinning around on the “teacup” ride:

Ever seen deep-fried oreos before?

Hubby sliding down the fun house slide-he and K went in together, and I tried to get pics, but most didn’t turn out:

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  1. Deep fried Oreos!! Those look positively sinful!
    Wow, my favorite cookie, made all the more scruptious when you fry it!
    Oh, the artery clogging goodness of it all!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

    I must admit I shy away from the local carnivals because I just can’t refuse the great, greasy, fattening foods! LOL

  3. Great photos. Make me look forward to fair time!!

  4. Ever had deep fried Mars bars? For International Day at school my neighbor chose Scotland. It was either that or smoked salmon. The Mars bar was good for the first few bites and then it just kind of dropped like balls of lard into my stomach. But those first few bites…:)

  5. Hey! Where are ya?
    How did your FRG training go? Did you go yet?
    What’s up with y’all?
    Missing your posts.
    Share a recipe, would ya?

  6. LOL, sorry, nope haven’t had frg training yet (except online), and I’ve just been busy with getting the garden going and some other stuff lately. Will be posting more this weekend, though!

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