As promised, How to Make Homemade Pizza!

It really amazes me that I haven’t yet made a blog entry about homemade pizza, as it’s an almost weekly thing around here! It’s a semi-tradition that we do hm pizza once a weekend, but of course, as with all traditions, this goes by the wayside when things happen that keep us from doing this. This weekend I was able to pull it off, though, and I thought I’d share a quick tutorial on the making of a homemade pizza.

First, I make the dough-which I don’t have pics of, but here’s the recipe I use:
I always oil the pan, then brush the dough with oil before baking.
I pre-bake the crust for 5-7 minutes, pricking it with a fork before putting it in the oven. This guarantees that the dough isn’t soggy under the heavy load of toppings that I tend to put on my pizzas.

Next, comes the sauce, pour some sauce in the center of the dough and spread out in a circular motion using the back of a large spoon:

You can’t forget the cheese! I use about 8 oz. of mozzarella/monterrey jack cheese mixed together, and yes, I grate my own unless I’m in a serious time crunch, because it tastes so much better!

I pre-cook my italian sausage and drain it before putting the sausage on the pizza so it doesn’t make the pizza greasy.

Next is the ham, K prefers the chunks of ham to the thinly sliced kind, so that’s what I use. You don’t have to, but I usually toss the ham in a skillet for a couple of minutes so it’s no longer cold when it goes on the pizza.

You had to know I wasn’t done with the cheese, right? I like to put a second layer of cheese on top of the toppings so that it holds it all together better when cut.

Bake for 20 minutes or so and you’ll have nice hot pizza, ready to slice.

Finally, let the pizza cool for about 5 minutes so the cheese has time to solidify a bit before slicing it up to enjoy, you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. I guess I should have asked this on this post instead of your hamburger bun post. Do you use a pizza stone for your pizzas?
    My neighbor recently gave me hers so I have two stones for our pizzas. With a family of 7 one pizza just isn’t enough.
    I didn’t click on your recipe, mine has a bit of honey in it, makes it raise more by giving the yeast something to “act upon” it reminds me of the old “Shakey’s” Pizza restaurant where I grew up. Oh the yummy bubbly goodness of it all! Does your have honey or sugar in it? I think mine was called something like The best pizza crust on the web, or some such thing, maybe (somewhere, who knows where I found it.)
    (Sorry, that was long winded, I’m not usually like that, well, maybe I am, but I try to control myself on other people’s blogs! Ha Ha!)

  2. LOL, chat away, dear, that’s what the blog’s here for. I honestly wish more of my readers would comment. I get hundreds of hits a day usually and only a couple of comments!
    Now to answer your questions…the recipe I use calls for brown sugar, but I sometimes use white sugar, and sometimes honey. I think I like it best with a mixture of honey and white sugar, but it varies from time to time. I seldom, if ever, follow a recipe exactly, it’s just not my style.
    My pizza recipe is called Jay’s Signature Crust and is one of, if not THE best pizza dough recipe on I just love that site b/c people can rate the recipe and leave comments, which leads to finding better recipes faster when you’re searching for one!
    As for a pizza stone, no, I don’t have one. I’m thinking of sending dh to the hardware store to get me one. I’m a big Alton Brown fan (on Food Network) and he suggest buying the 99 cent version at the hardware store rather than spending 30 bucks on one…and I’m all for saving money! I love the Pampered Chef ones, but they are a bit out of my budget right now. Actually, I usually make a deep-dish style pizza and I use an old Pizza Hut pan and Pizza Hut spatula that I inherited from my parents. My dad used to manage a Pizza Hut when I was little and his District Manager told him and Mom to take the pizza home in it one day and something happened and they never ended up giving it back. I doubt PH would want it back now, so I enjoy the use of it. It’s one of their Large Deep Dish pans, and it works pretty well, but if I want a thinner pizza crust, I’d need to use a stone.

  3. I’d love a deep dish pan, yum!
    I (once upon a time ago) bought a cheap version of terra cotta stone tile from the hardware store to cook on, Bad mistake. It is not made to withstand the temps of an oven, nor is it safe to put food on.
    Better idea, find a PC consultant and tell her you’d like to lay-one-away, or work for one, maybe you could put in a plug for hir business on your blog or something. Find out when the specials are for pizza stones and then get a 25 inch round one, you can use it for cookies, tater tots, chicken nuggets, anything you would bake on a cookie sheet. Then use it all the time, (beats having it sit around in your cupboard collecting dust.)

  4. I meant 15 inch! Duh! They don’t make a 25 inch one! Ha HA!

  5. That looks good Jess! Hey, I make my pizzas with old Pizza Hut pans too. I have 6 medium sized pans. Alot of times if we are having company, I can do a buffet with several different flavors. Everyone thinks that is so neat.

  6. Why don’t you just buy some oven glass resitance (that does not break or crack in the oven) to make the 25 inch pizza! And I want a recipe to make a 25″ pizza ,like how much ingreients to use etc…!

  7. Hello,

    I am a SAHM and have recently taken to cooking from scratch. I was too scared at first cause I thought you needed all these fancy machines, but a friend of mine talked me into at least trying. So I have baked a few things without anything fancy. Will I *need* anything with this pizza? And do you have any tips when using pineapple and thin sliced pepperoni as a topping? What kind of cheese should I buy? Sorry for so many questions. This is also my first time adventuring away from box meals. I grew up on them really so I am slow when it comes to cooking, but my food turns out ok :D!!

  8. Hmm…will you “need” anything for this pizza? Good question. As long as you have hands, you can knead the dough for this by hand-no machine needed, the pizza sauce is canned/jarred, so no issues there, and the toppings and cheese are put on by hand, so no, you don’t really need anything except either a pizza pan or pizza stone, or quite frankly a cookie sheet will work in a pinch, just a different shaped pizza. As for cheese, it depends on the price as to what I buy, honestly. I prefer to buy the blocks of fresh whole milk mozzarella when I can, but in a pinch I’ve been known to use store-brand shredded mozzarella instead. There’s definately a difference in cheese you shred yourself, since packaged shredded cheese is “dusted” with what I’ve come to believe is cornstarch to keep the shreds from sticking together. That’s why freshly grated cheese is stickier than from a pkg. Anyway, you can do 1/2 mozzarella and 1/2 cheddar for a moister cheesiness, or you can do 1/2 mozzarella and 1/2 monterrey jack (one of my favorites), or you can go with all mozzarella. If using sliced pepperoni, you can go with the drier packaged mozzarella and you won’t notice as much b/c the pepperoni loses some of its grease to the heat of the oven, which will remoisten your pizza toppings for you (and no it’s not as gross as it sounds-pepperoni grease is like bacon grease in that it has a lot of flavor!).
    I use about 1/2 a pkg of pepperoni when making that type of pizza. Pineapple is great on pizza, but it’s a wet ingredient, so will lose some moisture in cooking. Some people like to put the pineapple on in the last 5 or so minutes of cooking, I put it on from the beginning, myself. Drain it well before using as a topping for your pizza.

    Other than that, I’m sure it will turn out fine, and have fun with it!

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