Banana Upside-Down Cake

Well, as you know, I’m an adventurous girl and I like to try new things when possible. I found this recipe a couple of months ago, but waited till the family was back to make it-it was an instant hit! A little unorthodox, perhaps, but delicious none-the-less! The recipe can be found here:

A quick mini-tutorial:

The brown sugar, butter, and pecans in the bottom of pan:

The bananas go on top of that:

Then we mix the cake mix up as directed:

And pour into pans on top of bananas like this:

Put it in the oven and bake for 40 minutes as directed by the recipe, turn upside down onto a plate, and this is what you end up with:

Well, in reality, you end up with 2 of those out of one cake mix, so we ate one as a family and took the other cake over to some missionary friends of ours that are staying in the missionary’s quarters of our church off and on this summer. They almost immediately called us back with a big thank you for the cake, so I’m really glad we were able to bless them like that!


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  1. Anything with brown sugar, pecans and banans has GOT to be good! Yumm!

  2. that looks yummy, will have to do this!

  3. This sounded so good that I just had to try it. The only problem is, I am diabetic. BUT, I used a reduced sugar cake mix, and Sugar Twin Brown Sugar. Took it to my daughter’s for a Labor Day cookout and didn’t tell anyone about the changes. After everyone snarfed it all up I told them and everyone was surprised it was so good with the substitutes. I had a really hard time staying out of it and not eating more than a small piece. Thank you for your recipe!! It’s a family favorite now.

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