Ahhh…a Bake Sale!

Some of you may be wondering why I’m up at midnight posting, and I actually have an answer to that for once! You see, tomorrow is the youth’s bake sale at our church. They do several fundraisers in the spring to raise money for camp, and we fully support their efforts wherever possible. I especially love the bake sale, b/c as y’all know, I love to bake!

This year I chose to make some white bread, apple turnovers, raspberry turnovers, lemon bars, and my famous Ooey-gooey Orange Rolls. I sure hope they help raise money for the kids! Today was a perfect day to get all this done, since tonight was “Daddy-Daughter Date Night”-a long overdue one, I might add! K sure has missed her daddy while he was training in Fort Jackson, but Bryan has done everything he possibly could to find ways to connect with her over the past couple of months. I love that about my husband…that he finds little ways to make us feel special with no regard to how sappy it may appear to his friends. Over the past few months he’s sent flowers, teddy bears, cards, notes, and dog tags to us just to remind us that he loves and misses us. Girls, if you’re looking for a man like this, I’m here to tell you hold out for a good one-they do exist…and if you’ve already got a good one, by all means don’t mess it up, hehe!

Anyway, I think I’m finally wound down enough to go to sleep but before I go, here are a few pictures of my bake sale creations, enjoy!

Lemon Bars-not cut yet
Lemon Bars

Apple Turnovers-I made 2 batches of these and 2 batches of Raspberry
Apple Turnovers

Orange Rolls-I made 2 containers of these
Orange Rolls

White Bread-I made 2 loaves of this also
White Bread

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  1. So how much for those turnovers? Jess – you’re going to be making me fit into my clothes even LESS. Now I’m craving turnovers……

    BTW – I found a peach cobbler recipe that was quick and easy to make although since it took 90 minutes to cook (with frozen peaches), I think I’ll take your advice of cooking the filling first. That would make it much faster, IMO. But it was still yummy!! 🙂

  2. I have no idea what the turnovers went for…I refuse to price my own stuff, lol, and since I stayed up half the night making it, I sent Bryan (the morning person) to deliver them. All I know is that he said they were very impressed and appreciative of my donations. I had never made turnovers before, so I was happy to hear that Bryan and K really liked them (I gave them each one, but I didn’t try them). I’m glad you got your peach cobbler fix, lol, and I’m sorry I’m expanding your waistline, but hey, what can I say, around here we love our food!

  3. Those look absolutely yummy. I’m glad that Brian is home for a bit. Enjoy him!

  4. Hi,
    DH loves apple turnovers and I can’t find a good recipe. Yours look perfect. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

  5. lacyj,
    I’m so sorry to report that those were all but storebought, lol. Basically I bought two packages of phyllo dough, thawed them, bought canned fillings (apple pie filling and raspberry filling), rolled the dough out and cut into rectangles, filled with pie filling, folded over to create triangle, sealed with a fork around the edges and brushed them with egg wash and sprinkled some sugar on them before putting them in the oven for the time it said on the dough package. That was it. So simple, but a huge hit!

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