Chili Cheese Tator Tots

That’s what I had for dinner. Are you noticing an unhealthy pattern? I am. Tomorrow I head to the doctor’s and I’m sure he’s going to suggest some changes, but man I’m gonna miss things like this!


Published in: on January 13, 2008 at 9:27 pm  Comments (9)  

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  1. YUM!! Those look sooo delicious! And terribly unhealthy, but SOOO good!

  2. LOL, yep, and my doctor says no more! My triglycerides are a bit high, but the new meds should help me eat better. I hate taking them, but being healthy is important!

  3. Yummy – I like the way you think! LOL

  4. Alright now, Jess. I keep checking your blog, and you keep taunting me with these chili cheese tator tots! Stop that now!

  5. I’m sorry, I know I need to update, there just hasn’t been much to say. My new meds have been making me sick, and I haven’t been feeling like doing much updating, I’m sorry!

  6. Awww, I’m sorry Jess. Prayers for you to feel better very soon. 🙂

    In the meantime, I can endure the taunting. I may even make these, they look SO good. 😀

  7. Those look so YUMMT!

  8. I have heard that almonds are supposed to help cholesterol levels too.

  9. I’m OT here, but I’m just wanting to tell you Jess that I’m thinking of you, and I’m hoping you feel better very soon. I miss seeing you around. Prayers coming your way. 🙂

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