Stove-Top Enchiladas-A Pictorial

Hey all, as most of you know, as soon as DH leaves for anything military related, I run like a crazy woman for the Ethnic aisle of my favorite grocery store, because it’s Fiesta Time! Okay, I don’t really party when he leaves, but I DO cook a lot of Mexican food for the first week or two. This is because my hubby is afraid of Mexican food, well maybe not afraid, but he really doesn’t care for anything remotely spicy, so I wait until he leaves and then create a huge buffet of all things Mexican for myself. A couple nights ago, I made Enchiladas, but when cooking for one or two people, it seems silly to bake a whole big batch of them, and I was hungry! So, to save some time, I made my enchiladas rojo true-Mexican-style, which means no baking, just stovetop preparation. This is how my old roommate made them, and I love the simplicity of it all.
First, brown some hamburger (I like it spicy, so I use taco mix in the hamburger as well), and drain well:

Next, you have a few options. If you want a more traditional sauce, you can mix blended chiles or chile powder with flour and water and make a sauce that way (blander but not bad at all), or you can purchase a couple of cans of storebought enchilada sauce, or my personal favorite, go to the ethnic aisle in a predominately Spanish-speaking area and find those clear cellophane packages of Enchilada Sauce Mix. Follow the instructions to mix with water and heat, and you have completed step two:

Next, heat a good solid skillet with a little bit of oil (I just used my cast-iron one that I had cooked the hamburger in, using the hamburger grease as my oil) over medium heat. This is where you’ll cook your corn tortillas till soft and pliable. (About 45 seconds on the first side, 20 seconds on the other does them well.):

Your next step is to pick up the tortilla and transfer to your plate (tongs work nicely for this), sprinkle a tablespoon or so of sauce on this tortilla and add a heaping helping of hamburger to that:

Then add cheese. Sometimes I use cheddar, sometimes monterrey jack, but in this case I just used the Taco Blend Cheese:

Another layer of sauce:

Continue layering as you desire. I usually do 3 tortillas, 2 meat and cheese layers, and several scoops of sauce. Always finish with a tortilla, then cheese, then sauce, and in my case Sour Cream!:


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