A Sad Weekend, Finals for Cooking Class…

This weekend was really tough on all of us. It was the weekend in which Bryan left us for his Officer’s Training, and it was also the Final for K’s cooking class. She was soooooo nervous about it, but she did absolutely wonderful. I actually wish we would’ve had time for her to do this last weekend, but we simply didn’t have that kind of time, so it fell to be Bryan’s “last meal” before leaving for South Carolina.

To give you an idea of how upset Kaylea was about her daddy leaving, here’s a pic of her doing her favorite thing-cooking. As y’all know from previous photos of her in the kitchen, she’s always smiling, but this was the smiliest she got all weekend, even while making her apple crisp:
Don’t ya just feel awful for her? She’s never been away from Daddy for more than a week or two in her whole life…it’s just not fair, but such is the life of an Army Angel (I refuse to call her an Army brat-it’s not accurate!).

Now, on to the delicious dinner! Her final for the cooking class was to plan, shop for, prepare, and serve us dinner that at the very minimum covered the 4 food groups and some of which needed to be stuff she hasn’t made before (to test her recipe following skills). She was graded on time management, appeal (which included the table setting), actual flavor of the meal, meeting the requirements on menu planning, and shopping with a list.
The meal plan was:
Drink: K’s Frozen Chocolate Drink (a recipe she created earlier in the semester-it’s basically a chocolate shake, but SHE had to come up with the ingredients, amounts, etc. all by herself)
Appetizer: Fruit tray with Homemade Fruit Dip
Main: Pork Tenderloin
Sides:Homemade Cheesy Rice and Green Beans
Dessert:Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream, Homemade Apple Crisp

And here are the pics:
Apple Crisp-

Fruit Tray and Dip:

Table Setting:

Pork Tenderloin:

Green Beans (bad pic, sorry!):

Cheesy Rice:

We helped her a little, but she really did pretty much everything on her own. I purposely had Bryan go shopping with her, too, so I would know she was truly picking things out herself and I wasn’t “helping” read interfering with her thought process. I’m so proud of our girl, she presented a lovely meal that many grown women couldn’t even pull off! She definately got an A!


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  1. What a wonderful meal! Thank you for sharing her classes and your wonderful recipes with us. I am going to try the ham and beans tomorrow. Never done that before, either…always put sausage in mine, or just a dab of bacon. But, I have ham begging to be used up! Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome! The ham and beans are really easy, I think you’ll fall in love with the recipe as I have. I’ve enjoyed being able to show y’all as our semester has progressed. Hopefully after Bryan is back, I will be able to take through the second semester which will include cooking around the world (featuring cooking methods of various different countries) and some units on sauces and gravies and spices.

  3. that is awesome that your little girl loves the kitchen.
    i think it is so important for young people to learn to cook with their parents. it’s time well spent, and will create a bond that will last a lifetime. my son loves to be in the kitchen with his daddy as i loved being there with my mom.

  4. Nice Post
    Thanks for sharing

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