We’ve been sick lately!

I hate it when the whole family gets sick and especially around the holidays. I try so hard to counteract the sick bug with antibacterial kleenex and multiple hand washings and warnings to not leave used kleenex all around the house and such, but alas, when one household gets sick the other one does, too. Our precious K is like a poor little germ carrier that brings it back and forth. It’s so not her fault and I wish it weren’t that way, but it’s just the life of a child that travels between houses on a regular basis.

As always, when we get sick we all want our Mommies and Daddies to cuddle with. Here is a cute shot that I got of K cuddling with Daddy while feeling rotten.
And, another day, still sick, still wanting to cuddle with Daddy:

One of the things that I truly adore about my husband is his ability to make a sick family member feel better. He keeps up on medication times, brings home extra soothing goodies, and is right there ready to cuddle up with us when we just want a warm body and a hug to make us feel better.

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