It’s almost time…

In a few days, Bryan will leave for an officer’s training thing and it’s going to get a little strange around here. It will be difficult being without my best friend for a few months, but through the support of family, friends, and church, I’ll get through, and so will he and K.

Speaking of K, we were trying to come up with something to help her stay connected with Dad while he’s gone, besides the typical phone calls and letters and flowers and cards, and I think we came up with a great idea which I thought we should share with y’all.

We went to the mall the other day and let K pick out some of her favorite flavored Jelly Belly Jellybeans (which mostly consisted of buttered popcorn and chocolate pudding with the occasional tutti fruity thrown in). Then we counted up the days that Daddy will be gone, and together we placed that many jelly beans in the jar. (I lent her one of my canning jars.) Next, I picked a picture out that showed Daddy and K having fun together (making marshmallows if I remember correctly), and Bryan cut it to fit the side of the jar, and we taped it on. I also came up with a cute little poem to put on the other side of the jar and taped it on, too. Then Bryan began to write a comment for each day he is gone, and signed them, and those went in the jar with the jellybeans. The comments said cute things, like:

I miss you more than sand misses the desert! and

How many more days? and

I want a K hug! and

Are you ready to beat me at *insert game here*? and

You are becoming a lovely young lady! and

Daddy’s Little Princess and

Where are my cookies?

I thought this was such a cute idea and the comments are full of little reminders of the fun we have together. The bonus of the jellybean jar idea is that several months of jellybeans seem like just a drop in the bucket when put in a sizeable jar. We all were able to breathe a sigh of relief when we saw how few jellybeans it looked like. Somehow looking at those few jellybeans made the time apart seem manageable to us all.

So in case anyone else is facing deployment or a long business trip that will take Daddy away, I thought I’d share the poem I wrote for the jar. It really is an awesome idea!

The poem goes as follows:

I’ll take one a day

While Daddy’s away,

It’s a way to keep track

Until Daddy is back,

Once I empty this jar

Dad returns from afar!

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