I’m Semi-Famous!

Okay, so throughout my life, I’ve had a few semi-famous moments. I’ve spent some serious time on the radio, been in the background of a German documentary on television, been on the news a couple of times, been featured in the newspaper a few times (some with pics) and had a couple of poems published in national anthologies and magazines…but I am now being featured in a new way, and it’s possibly my favorite way to be featured.

I am now being featured for my pictures of food that I’ve made! I’m a long-time member of www.allrecipes.com I love them for their variety of recipes and their rating system, I find about 90% of my recipes on that site and they are always a hit because I choose the recipes carefully based on positive reviews by other cooks. Recently, I started submitting photos of the recipes that I’ve been making off of their site, and suddenly I started seeing MY PHOTOS making it to the main recipe page! For me, this is a double-blessing because it not only shows that I make good food, but also that my photography skills are improving! I’ve had two photos become featured in the past week. I’ll post links for you to visit if you’d like to see them.


This is my picture of the Cranana Jam I recently made and the first picture that I ever submitted. I feel kinda bad that it bumped the other picture off of the main page, but I’m also really excited that they thought mine was the best picture to showcase the recipe!


This is for the fudge bon-bons I made for our church’s Christmas party, and while I don’t think it’s the greatest pic, it does look more appetizing than the other two photos submitted, so I guess I understand why they picked it as the main photo.

I’m just so excited about this because it combines two of my favorite things to do-cook and take pictures! I won’t be on much in the next day or two because we are celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve and we have a lot of family stuff to do, but rest assured I am taking pictures and will post them when I get the chance!

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  1. That is great! I would be really excited too!

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