Peanut Butter Balls, Sugar Cookies, and Video Games, Oh My!

During the holidays we try to make it a point to spend even more time together as a family than usual, and I try to learn to relax a little and realize that everything doesn’t have to be picture perfect…this is a struggle for me, but it’s for the good of the family and I do what I can…You’ll see what I mean a little later.

We have another Christmas party with the National Guard this weekend (different unit) so we had some holiday baking to do and instead of trying to make it all absolutely perfect (which is what I really wanted to do), I decided it would be much better to spend some quality time with my favorite hubby and stepdaughter and let go of the “perfection” goal I so earnestly seek when bringing food to events like this…

So we started with peanut butter balls. Truthfully, I usually hate making these, but I love eating them so alas, we made them.
Dad pouring the Rice Crispies into a measuring cup.
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K measuring peanut butter-don’t mind the mess, lol
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Jess taking out a little holiday stress on the peanutty mixture…and in the process, breaking her FAVORITE spatula. Services to be held Monday at 2pm at Spatulas Were Us Funeral Home…please no monetary donations, flowers and tears will suffice.
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Dad and K rolling peanut butter balls.
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Dad dipping his first pb ball…not bad…hey, maybe this isn’t so bad when I get to share the “joy” of making these with family.
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I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure K is only in it for the chocolate dipping toothpicks, what do you think?
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And lest you think we spend every waking hour in the kitchen and nowhere else, I thought I’d throw in a pic of my two favorite people playing video games. K’s Grandpa got her this new video game for her birthday and she just LOVES it. It’s a fun one for all three of us to play together, so Jess and Dad are happy with it, too!
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Remember how I told you at the beginning of the post that I have to remind myself that it’s about the fun and togetherness and NOT about turning out perfect goodies? Yeah, well, here’s how this was demonstrated to me this weekend. We made sugar cookies, right? We made the dough, let it chill, made the icing, bought the holiday colored sprinkles and then what happens you ask? Ummm…can’t find the Christmas cookie cutters, ANYWHERE. Trust me I spent a good 10 minutes looking for them as did everyone else. I can, however, find the biscuit cutters (round) and the Noah’s Ark-themed cookie cutters and one lone heart-shaped cookie cutter. Oh, and a cross one, too. So, I’m thinking let’s do round ones like an ornament, right? The Munchkin had a different plan-she thought it best to use the animal ones b/c “it’ll be more fun”. Fighting every instinct I have to go for the prettiest option, I smiled and said “Sure, let’s do that.” And thus, here are our “Christmas cookies” which look more like a Barnum and Bailey’s Assortment than anything remotely Christmassy, but we really did have a blast making them as a family and in the end I was so thankful that I didn’t push for my way, because doing it together was so much more important! Some days God just kind of slaps us upside the head with the obvious and today was one of those days for me…sometimes simpler is better and family is the most important thing in this world! So go bake some lopsided cookies with your family, and enjoy every moment of it!
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  1. Aww..I LOVE the Christmas cookies..
    How cute…LOVE it….
    Looks like a lot of fun. I need to get busy making some. I did just buy some cookie cutters…I have tons..:)

  2. I would love to have the recipe for the peanuter balls I remember them some from childhood but cannot remember the rice kripies in them.

  3. I use this recipe:
    But I put 2-3 cups of rice crispies and I smash them up a bit before adding them, too. I also refrigerate the balls before dipping them in the chocolate-it helps them stay together when dipping them. I use toothpicks to hold the pb ball while dipping in the melted chocolate. Hope that helps! I didn’t remember rice crispies being in the ones I ate as a kid either, but this is definately the recipe I was looking for. You just don’t really realize that there are RC’s in them, but that’s what gives it that lovely crunchy inside in contrast to the gooey marshmallow creme and the luscious chocolate.

  4. Thanks for the link 🙂

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