NG’s Christmas Party…

As y’all know, my husband is a Chaplain Candidate for the National Guard, working towards his Chaplaincy, and as such-we are a military family. This was our first Christmas with the Guard and we were pleasantly suprised with the Christmas party…it was fun, family friendly, and the food was awesome! It’s so nice to meet and reconnect with those in a similar situation as yourselves, and that is precisely what made this so much fun!

There were crafts for the kiddos:
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Caption should read: “Excuse me, K, can I use your foot to draw my reindeer head? It seems my clogs make a funny shaped head…”

There were presents to be opened:
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Do ya think she liked the cookbook we got her? LOL

And when all else failed to keep the kiddos busy and having fun…we brought a game which K (and us from time to time) played with her new best-friend (isn’t it cool how kids make instant friends at things like this?) during any and all free time:
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I didn’t get any pictures of the cookies we brought, but we had fun making those, too! We let K decide what kind of dessert she wanted to bring and I told her what all we had in the cupboards (we’re all stocked up for Christmas baking so she had a lot to choose from)…from that, she decided she wanted to make up a recipe…and it turned out awesome!
We made Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Peanut Cookies…and Dad helped us which is becoming a regular occurance. I mean Dad has always been involved in stuff, but it is only in the past 6 months or so that K and Jess have “allowed” him into their sacred space of the kitchen very often…it turns out he can be really helpful and we have a lot of fun together while cooking. I think K’s favorite part is reminding Daddy to wear an apron or wash his hands or “behave” while he’s in the kitchen, though…she’s so easily entertained.

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