This Weekend’s Cooking Lesson

I know I’ve been fairly sporadic in my postings as of late, and I apologize to all those family and friends who miss the more regular postings, but we’re just super-busy lately! I think y’all mostly missed the Dairy section that we did, but we’re now on to the Protein group, and while I don’t have tons of pics, I thought I’d tell you what we did. I originally had shrimp on the menu for the seafood part of our protein lesson, but then I thought about it and hubby and I decided we should try K out on some different seafood than she was familiar with, so I had K prepare Salmon fillets and baked Tilapia. I also made her some crab cakes (can you believe there are children in the world who are almost 12 years old and have never tasted crab meat? It’s insane, I tell ya!). She loved the crab cakes, thought the Tilapia had too much lemon, and liked the salmon (apparently she’s never had any salmon that didn’t come out of a can-poor kid!).
We had some butterbeans with it and called it a meal. A highly protein-laden meal, but a meal none-the-less.
After dinner, I made my very first Angel Food Cake, and made a chocolate marshmallow frosting for it. This is the best picture I could get of it…it was so moist and spongey…I think I did alright!
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Every week we also either do some work on the chalkboard-fridge or look up recipes that fit that week’s theme (like grains or dairy or whatever), and we usually have some food safety “quizzes” as well. This week after her food safety worksheet, she wanted to go test her Dad on it, and I was able to use her “teaching” him to be sure that she had absorbed the information. I love when you can use sneaky ways to make sure they’ve learned something…it’s too neat to watch them teach someone else what you have just taught them!
Anyway, I don’t have any other pics except for what the chalkboard looked like this week. I listed out several different “complete” menus, and she erased all the foods that belonged in a certain food group as I called them out. For example, I would say “DAIRY”, and she would erase all the milk, cheese, etc. in each menu. When we were done with this, we ended up with only the proteins left, which allowed us to move into our new Protein section of the class pretty smoothly. Here’s what the fridge looked like this weekend:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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