It’s Fiesta Time!

Okay, so my silly husband hates all Mexican foods pretty much. He thinks a lot of black pepper in sawmill gravy is “spicy”. I love him dearly, but he’s what I’d call a “Food Wuss”. Trying new foods really seems to scare him a bit. Unfortunately for him, he married me. I come from a long line of Mexican food lovers, and trying new things is my favorite thing to do. Most weeks I attempt to have him and K try something new or different, b/c they’ve both been so sheltered in food variety and I think it’s good for them to branch out a little, but overall, I keep the foods mellow, southern, and comforting for them.

But when hubby’s away, it’s a whole ‘nother story! I go out shopping the day after he leaves for his service with the National Guard, and I buy…what else? MEXICAN FOOD…not the pre-packaged tamales-in-a-jar type of Mexican food, but the authentic basics like Harina Preparada, Masa Harina, Chicken, Beef, spices, and the ingredients to make several different Create-Your-Own Combo plates while he’s gone. It’s my time to get back to my roots….Okay, so I’m not Latino, I’m mostly German, but seriously, who likes German food? Ick.

Anyway, last night while chatting with some friends, I decided to make some impromptu Carne Asada for myself…ghetto-style. Why ghetto-style you ask? Because I had no corn tortillas and didn’t want to make any. I had no lime, and no pico de gallo, either. So I worked with what I had, which was:

Some Flat-Out Whole Wheat Wraps

Some Flank Steak

Tomatillo Salsa

Spices-Onion powder, Garlic salt, Crushed Red Pepper (Chile Pequin), and a little chili powder.

Lemon Juice (in place of lime juice)

Peanut oil.

I cut one large flank steak into strips, then cut the strips into thirds so they would be more bite-sized. Then I heated my cast-iron skillet with a light coating of peanut oil to a medium-high heat. Next I tossed my steak strips in the spices and about a teaspoon of lemon juice, till lightly coated in spices.

After putting the steak strips into the hot pan (searing, just a minute or two on each side-tiny pieces cook quickly!), I pulled out the Flat-Out Wraps from the freezer, took one and cut it into half (they are shaped sort-of oblong), and waited for the juices to run clear in my steak strips. Once they were done, I placed the steak strips onto a paper towel, and tossed the Wrap onto the hot pan (still had some oil in it), and waited for about 45 seconds to flip them, then 30 seconds on the other side.

On a plate, I laid the wrap down, topped with steak, and drizzled some of the tomatillo (green) salsa on my ghetto-carne asada. I can’t begin to tell you how yummy it was. Not bad for about 10 minutes in the kitchen, huh?

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