PB & J Banana Wafflewiches and a sweet stepdaughter!

Okay, so Saturday mornings I don’t just pop out of bed at 5 am like my dh does, nor do I stumble out of bed at 7 am like my dsd does…I usually meander my way out of bed around 10ish on Saturdays, more than willing to miss a few cartoons to get a few zzz’s. That means that while I may plan the breakfast on Saturday mornings and leave instructions for my hubby, I’m not the breakfast-maker on Saturdays (or Sundays, actually). It just makes more sense for Mr. I Love Mornings to throw something together and I take my rightful place in the kitchen beginning with the noon meal, when I have a tad more caffiene in my body and am MUCH more cheerful.

So this last Saturday morning, I left a note on the fridge letting hubby know what breakfast meat had been thawed and what his options were for breakfast for him and the munchkin as usual, but much to my suprise, as I stumble down the stairs, there’s no bacon frying, no hasbrowns sizzling, nothing…but there was the smell of freshly made waffles and as I sniffed closer, peanut butter! What in the world do waffles have to do with peanut butter you ask? Plenty, if you’re making PB & J Banana Wafflewiches like these:


Okay, so they sound a bit strange, but they were SERIOUSLY yummy! My dear sweet stepdaughter (and up and coming chef of the year, hehe) decided she wanted to make a recipe out of one of her kid’s cookbooks (Sandra Lee’s Kids Cooking) for breakfast to suprise me! And even my hubby who hates peanut butter and banana sandwiches loved them!

The bonus was of course that Daddy and Daughter got in some fun kitchen time together before I awoke for the morning, plus they made the waffles from scratch as opposed to using frozen ones, so of course it was way yummier that way and showed initiative on their part to go beyond the call of duty with the recipe, which means they are gaining confidence in the kitchen…which of course makes me very happy!
Here’s a photo of my sandwich that I managed to catch before scarfing it down, hehe:
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  1. Wow, that was a very sweet thing for her to do! The wafflewiches sound good, too!

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