The Making of a Marshmallow-Part I

Okay, so I decided that it was time to try our hand at making marshmallows from scratch, and my dear, sweet hubby and oh-so-excited stepdaughter decided to join in the fun…I snapped a couple pictures of the process, but not as many as I’d like to have. They are currently cooling, and I’ll catch some photos of the cooling mixture and the finished marshmallows tomorrow for y’all, but I’ll let y’all in on the recipe and a few of the pics in this post. Oh, and did I mention that I got Mr. Macho hubby in a frilly apron for this? Any macho points he may have currently held due to being a weight lifter and soldier went out the window when his daughter sweetly informed him of the “rules of the kitchen” which include

1. Washing hands for at least 15-30 seconds before touching any foodstuffs, 2. Aprons must be donned before starting any recipe.

3. Recipe Rules-Which, as K explained are that we first READ the recipe, then read it AGAIN before ever starting, then we pull out our ingredients and make sure we have everything before beginning the recipe.

I was impressed at how well she was able to quote me EXACTLY from our cooking classes the past few weeks. Kids truly are sponges, talk while they will listen, folks! Okay, back to the story, so  due to K’s strict enforcement of the rules, my poor dh had to don one of my aprons. He picked the forest green one as it looked the most manly, in his opinion. I didn’t burst his bubble by saying that the lace on my aprons make them ALL girly, but instead, happily tied his apron for him. K got a big laugh out of getting her daddy in an apron, so overall, I’d say the marshmallow experience was a great one for her. (Plus, if they turn out well, the marshmallows will be used next week in our popcorn balls that K has been begging to make for months…which I’ve successfully put off till fall, because for whatever reason, popcorn balls are like caramel apples to me, they are fall fare, not summer fare. Okay, so here are the pics as promised, recipe at the bottom:
The ingredients you’ll need, and yes, that is some gelatin hiding in the back if you can’t see that.
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Sweetie pouring sugar…so far, so good!
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K pouring water into the pan to mix with sugar.
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The sugar and water mixture heating on the stove, stirring pretty constantly. (Only because sugar in a pan scares me a bit, lol. I have this fear of burnt candy mixtures.)
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Hubby putting gelatin into cold water mixture…hey, he’s pretty handy, I may enlist his help in the future when making Christmas candies…Come to think of it, he makes better peanut brittle than I do, but I wouldn’t admit that to many people, lol.
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Now, that’s what I love to see, Daddy and Daughter working together in harmony…
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Someone, probably me, mixing the gelatin and water mixture with the warm sugar and water mixture…
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I asked hubby to grab a snapshot of the mixture going into the pan to cool and harden up, but unfortunately, he took a picture of ME and the mixture…and since it’s the only photo I have of the marshmallow creme looking stage, I couldn’t NOT include it, so here I am.
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Marshmallows recipe

2 cups granulated sugar
3/4 cup water
2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup cold water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
confectioners sugar

Mix granulated sugar with the 3/4 cup water. Simmer to soft-ball stage (235-240 degrees should do it). Remove from heat. Soften gelatin in the 1/2 cup cold water in large bowl.  Pour hot syrup over softened gelatin. Stir until dissolved. Let stand until partially cooled (about 3-5 minutes did it for us).

Whip until thick and white, and mixture will nearly hold its shape (like marshmallow creme-mixture will get stiff and harder to mix at this stage). Add vanilla extract and salt. Pour into straight-sided pans lined with equal parts of cornstarch and confectioners sugar, mixed together. Let stand in cool place until firm (not in refrigerator). Cut into squares with  powdered scissors or knife and dust with confectioners sugar (rolling them in a bowl is our plan).

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  1. I tried your recipe today with my two preteen boys. It was fun and for a marshmallow…not bad. The boys think their marshmallows are fantastic! Thank you for posting all the pictures, it helped a lot. (I fooled my children, as they thought I really knew what I was doing – HA!) 😉

  2. I do that, too, Sheri! I’m always looking up and studying how to do or make something before trying it with the munchkin, b/c I don’t want to look foolish! I’m so glad the pictures helped you, I’ve always been a fan of tutorials and am just learning how to make them for y’all, but I really enjoy doing it!

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