Pasta, Pasta, and more…cookie dough?

Friday’s Cooking Lesson consisted of a study on grains, as well as a little experiment with cookie dough…Okay, so I know cookie dough isn’t exactly a grain, but we had intended to do this experiment with our lesson on kitchen utensils and just plain ran out of time. Since this week’s projects were going to take less time, I thought it best to do the cookie dough experiment with this lesson.

First, the pasta poster. While learning about all the different kinds of pastas and how interchangeable most of them are in recipes, I asked Kaylea to make a pasta poster. What exactly IS a pasta poster, you ask? It’s simply a piece of 9×12 posterboard, some markers, glue, a variety of pasta shapes, and your child’s imagination put to good use. The only requirement was that the poster use more than one pasta shape and that it was arranged in such a way that it made “something”. I certainly didn’t care WHAT it made, just that it showed creative use of pasta, and it turned out great!
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K working on her poster.
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K deciding that the tri-color rotini doesn’t stick very well due to the edges not being wide enough to “grab hold” of the glue and posterboard, and restarting her “grass area” at the bottom of the poster.
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And the finished product. She included a skyline, a tree (on the right), 2 car tunnels (center), a bridge (on top of the tunnels), grass (bottom), and cars (going in and out of the tunnels as well as on the bridge). Pretty creative, I was happy with the effort.
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Of course, since this is a cooking class after all, she cooked some pasta which we ate for dinner along with spaghetti sauce, garlic cheese bread, and she helped me a little with the meatballs. We served everything seperate as a sort of buffet-at-the-table kind of thing, and we all tried both kinds of pasta. Sorry, we were hungry, no pics of that, lol.

But earlier in the day, we got to the now infamous cookie dough experiment. We have this really cool book called Gadgetology, which introduces kids to kitchen utensils. It has a color photo of each utensil, a recipe that requires the use of that utensil, and a couple weird, but fun experiments you can do with each utensil. We all agree it’s one of the coolest books ever written. Friday’s experiment was with the garlic press and cookie dough. The idea was that you press the sugar cookie dough through the garlic press and end up with little stringy cookies to bake. Ummm…that didn’t work too well. The garlic press either squished it out in really short strings or it overflowed the dough on the outside of the press, so I tried thinking on my feet, and came up with another plan. I asked her to look around the kitchen and see what other utensils might make a cool shaped cookie. We tried the whisk (yeah, that was weird) and the egg slicer (would’ve worked if the dough hadn’t stuck the bottom of it) before settling on the pastry bag with a tip on it. We used a large tip used to make icing ropes, and it worked out okay after the dough came to room temperature. Here’s the results of our silliness:
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And some initials, also including the garlic press cookies and other experiments:
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Suprisingly, sugar cookies taste good no matter what you do to them, so we were happy with the results, no matter how strange it looked! A veeeeeeeeeery interesting day in the kitchen was complete…

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  1. I love the different shaped sugar cookies. That would be a fun experiment for my children. :o)

  2. Seriously, check your library for the Gadgetology book, there are lots of fun experiments with kitchen utensils in there…your kids will love it!

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