Making of a Calzone…

Okay, I admit it…I’ve never made a calzone from scratch in my life. I’ve made pizza from scratch on many occasions, but calzones have always frightened me a bit, though I’m not exactly sure why. I make bierocks all the time, which is the German version of a calzone, basically, yet for some reason, I’ve sat in fear of calzones for far too long. Feeling adventurous a few days ago, I attempted them. Often when teaching myself a new culinary skill I do extensive research on the food-to-be and then pick the easiest recipe I can possibly find that sounds like it will work. Yep, folks, I’m smarter than I look. People often wonder why my first attempt at making something almost always turns out superior to theirs that they have been making for years, and the answer lies in google…I often research for a few months before actually diving in to something new in the kitchen.

In finding the easiest recipe I could, I actually found an uber-simple recipe in a children’s cookbook that has been sitting in K’s room for a year. I figured how hard could it be? Especially since the recipe called for a bisquick crust…I mean does it get any easier than convenience food in a recipe? Okay, so I hesitated a bit when I realized the recipe called for the bisquick to be rolled out into a circle of dough, b/c I’ve never rolled out bisquick in my life…I either make biscuits from scratch or do drop biscuits with the mix, so it was a bit foreign to me, but hey, what’s life without trying something new…so I did it. I followed a recipe written for a 10 year old and it was a hit!

As with any recipe, I made a few adjustments. I added pepperoni, I switched the cheddar cheese for mozzarella and I brushed the calzones with an egg wash to make them shiny and pretty, but overall, I stuck pretty close to this one, and here’s the final results:
 photo HPIM0047.jpg

 photo HPIM0048.jpg

Okay, so those aren’t the pics of the whole calzones, but seriously, we were starved, like we took time to grab a camera before chowing down, hehe. What new recipes have you tried? Did they turn out well or not-so-much?

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  1. Would you mind sharing the recipe you used for the calzones? I always have bisquick on hand but I never thought to use it for Calzones, we love Strombolis so I am very interested in trying this!!
    Thanks Dana

    May I suggest you try this recipe for you next calzone? You will also find on my sites simple recipes for making dough. Compliment your Calzones with your own dough as there is quite a difference.

    Enjoy and good luck!


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