From Scratch

We have an ongoing joke in our family about the meaning of “from scratch”.  I make a lot of things “from scratch” and will refer to the dishes as such. This is inevitably followed by my 0h-so-goofy husband asking, “What exactly is scratch? I mean what is it made from?” Which, after chasing strange images of chicken scratch from my mind, leads me to respond with, “Whatever I want. That’s the beauty of ‘from scratch’.” But in order to settle this question once and for all, I’ve consulted my favorite search engine (I’m a google girl, thank you very much!) and found the TRUE origin of the idiom “from scratch”, so here goes:

From the very beginning, from the outset; from nothing. For example, I knew we’d have a problem from scratch. Similarly, to start from scratch means “to start from the very beginning,” as in After the business failed, they decided to reorganize and start from scratch. This term comes from racing, where a competitor starts from the line scratched into the ground (whereas others may start ahead with a handicap). [Mid-1800s] Also see from the ground up; from the word go. (Courtesy of

I’ve certainly never attributed the phrase “from scratch” to anything sports-related, but it looks like that is where it began. Who knew? Nowadays, in our home, “from scratch” almost always refers to some homemade goodie starting with flour, sugar, and butter. Which brings me to my next point, we LOVE to bake! My lovely stepdaughter, K, loves to cook and bake almost as much as I do and is well on her way to becoming a wonderful chef someday. When we aren’t glued to the Food Network learning something new, we can often be found in the kitchen practicing a new recipe or culinary skill, and this year we will be spending even more time in the kitchen. Why, you ask? Because K has asked that I teach her Cooking Class this year. It’s going to take a lot of work, planning, and patience on my part, but so far, so good! We’re having a blast and I’ll do my best to update y’all (with pictures) as the class progresses! Now I’m off to explain the meaning of “from scratch” to my husband!


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  1. Wow, how interesting! I didn’t know that either! The pies look amazing. Glad you are having fun teaching and learning together. Homeschooling is wonderful.

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you stopped by Maggie! Yes, homeschooling is awesome. I’ve always wanted to do it, and to get to combine my love of teaching with my love for cooking is the best!

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